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This nano-emulsion of policosanol is derived from naturally occurring plant waxes and acts on Vitamin-D receptors in body to reach cells faster.

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Clean and Pure

Made from natural food extracts like of Sugarcane and Rice husk.

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Versatile Formula

A formula suitable for adults and children.

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Swiss Quality

Product manufactured in Switzerland and US FDA approved manufacturing facilities to ensure quality and purity..

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Our genes make their day-to-day decisions based on chemical information they receive from the food we eat, this information is further encoded from our food in our bodies. NANO SOMA® acts on nuclear receptors which are present in the nucleus of every cell throughout the body to stimulate the immune system and prevent a variety of disease processes. It has been found to support many of the physiological functions essential immune health. It is an innovative modern breakthrough that works at cellular level.

The Spiritual Connection

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Vaitheeswaran” temple’s (in English means Doctor’s Temple) pond in India has no bacteria in it because of natural NANO SOMA®.
Although this pond looks murky, there are no bacteria growing in it. It has been tested. This is because a ritual at the temple involves blessing jaggery (raw sugar) and throwing it in the pond. Jaggery contains the constituents of NANO SOMA®.
This temple is believed to be 5600 years old. Devotees worship jaggery and immerse it in the temple pond that is believed to cure 4448 diseases.
The unrefined sugar contains policosanol, the active ingredient of NANO SOMA®.The policosanol is removed by the refining process for sugar, rice and other grains.


Your Health & Longevity

Natural Vitamin C Substitute

NANO SOMA® enables the human body to increase Vitamin C endogenously without taking any supplements. This helps to reduce the risk of diseases associated with Vitamin C deficiency.

Improves Immune System

This nano emulsion of policosanol—a substance derived from naturally occurring plant waxes known as long-chain lipid alcohols—is nanoencapsulated to 60 nanometers.

Improves Longevity

NANO SOMA® helps to improve longevity through multitude avenues. It only takes one successful road to longevity to make Metadichol a Great Invention of Mankind.

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Enhances Wound Healing

NANO SOMA® is very effective in enhancing wound healing (including diabetic wounds, cut and burn), in repairing damaged organs and blood vessels, and inhealing skin diseases.

Antibacterial Protection

NANO SOMA® serves as the best anti-microbial agent against many viral and bacterial infection and Metadichol also reduces inflammation and pain of the joints and muscles.

Improves Brain Health

NANO SOMA® expresses more than 260 genes that are also known to be produced in the brain and can help to improve the brain related health problem such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.


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Questions related to the product


The primary ingredients in NANO SOMA® are Water(98.07%), Policosanol(0.25%), Vitamin E TPGS(1.00%), Potassium Sorbate(0.25%),Citric Acid(0.19%).

NANO SOMA® can be taken at anytime of the day and with or without food and water.

Yes, NANO SOMA® is safe for children and infants..

There are no known interactions between NANO SOMA® and prescription medications.

The effectiveness of NANO SOMA® can be assessed by examining some key metabolic biomarkers (usually through blood test) before and at different time periods after using NANO SOMA®.

The time required to correct abnormal metabolic parameters is dependent on the health problem and condition of each user. Some users show immediate results after a few days, some take a few weeks and some with more complicated conditions can take 6-12 months.

NANO SOMA® has no known allergic reactions but talk to your physician.

Yes, NANO SOMA® is safe for pregnant women but talk to your physician.

NANO SOMA® is made from all natural food-based ingredients and has no known side effects.

The recommended daily dosage for health maintenance is 5 sprays once/day.

NANO SOMA® serves as a substitute for Vitamin C, helps to improve the immune system by modulating the nuclear receptors of the cell, enhances wound healing, and corrects for abnormal metabolic parameters.

NANO SOMA® is a natural food supplement and not a drug. Therefore, it is subjected to US FDA approval.

Metadichol® Approved Patents

Certification & Patents

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India Patent No. 346003

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India Patent No. 313549